Resistance Monitoring

Together with our partner, PlantaLyt GmbH in Hannover, we will carry out a Germany-wide and representative herbicide resistance monitoring on about 1,000 fields this year. The focus will be on grass weeds with studies regarding resistance against the substance groups A, B and K3 (Flufenacet) as well as the analysis of agronomic

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Data Analysis and Data Mining

We support you in developing the potential of your data. From the development of the test questions to the presentation of the results, we will provide you with target group-oriented statements. In the analysis we also incorporate other public data sets in order to improve the meaningfulness of the data.

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Presentations and Training

We offer customized lectures and trainings to help you get up to speed on the topic of herbicide resistance. It is not only a matter of providing theoretical foundations. Rather, we want to show practical examples of what herbicide resistance means in practice and what matters in resistance management.

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