Data Analysis and Data Mining

Get more out of your data!

Do you need help with the evaluation of your data or do you want to know what is possible at all with your data? Then you have come to the right place. Whether it is the analysis of one-off tests or “big data”, we will help you. Benefit from our combined expertise in data analysis and
agriculture. This allows us to quickly achieve good results and process them in a target group-oriented manner. We support you, from the preparation of concrete queries to the finished report, on attractive terms.

Our offer

  • Checking data quality and data integrity

    Analyses are only as good as the existing data. Whether typos or simply implausible data, our professional know-how allows us to quickly identify inconsistencies and correct data sets accordingly.

  • Explanatory processing of the data sets

    Through explanatory or exploratory data analysis, we provide you with an initial overview of your data through infographics and simple summaries of the available material. Especially the visualization of the data will provide a good first insight into their potential.

  • Data linking and standardization

    When data comes from different sources or has been collected with different queries, it often does not fit together. Nevertheless, there is particularly great potential in linking the data sets. We help standardize, link and enhance data.

  • Preparation of queries and goals as well as scientific analysis of the problem

    Based on your data, we work with you to develop concrete questions that match your goals and create a methodical approach. We will explain possible enhancements of the data set using publicly available data and will work out a concrete project plan. There is also the option to consider scientific literature in the study and then reflect on its impact.

  • Procurement and linking of your data with external sources

    Inclusion of, for example, weather data and soil maps when answering regional issues.

  • Data analysis

    Regardless of whether t-test or multivariate data analysis, we will take care of it. Do you want to know whether your treatments differ or whether there are patterns or trends identifiable in your data? You will find out thanks to our statistical analysis, regardless of whether these are individual tests or data mining in “big data” data sets.
    We offer the following analyses

    ● ANOVA, T-test, Chi-square test
    ● Dose-response analyses (dose-response curves)
    ● Pattern Recognition/Unsupervised Learning (e.g. cluster-analysis, principal-component-analysis)
    ● Supervised Learning (e.g. Decision Trees, Random Forest)
    ● Creation of Deterministic Models

  • Creation of reports and presentations for various target groups in german and english

    Whether presentation, website contribution or report, we offer you a target group-specific presentation of the results.

  • Test planning

    You are just starting out and need help with planning and design of your tests? No problem, we will be happy to help you by providing statistical advice.

Project schedule

  • Free initial consultation

    In a free initial consultation lasting up to 2 hours, we will work out the project goals together with you and get an initial overview of the data. Also, we will design a possible presentation of the results and the scope of the information to be conveyed (reports, graphs, software code).

  • Offer preparation

    Based on the available data and the agreed goals, we will prepare for you a project plan and an individual offer. In addition to the estimated costs, the offer will include a breakdown of the time required and any additional costs to be incurred in procuring additional data and information. We will also create a schedule for the completion of the analysis work.

  • Order Execution

    Upon your written acceptance of the offer, we will immediately start executing the project. On completion of the work, you will receive the results from us in the agreed form. We can arrange a presentation of the results at your premises.

Project examples

● Analysis of field tests from agriculture, viticulture       or horticulture as well as a summary of multiple           field tests according to higher-level queries
● Analysis of dose-response relationships from the     screening of herbicides
● Analyses of tests to establish degrees of                   resistance to herbicides, insecticides or fungicides
● Analysis of regional trends or seasonal changes     in the sales of products using a combination of             several data sets
● Impact of soil or weather parameters on the             performance of products, varieties or sales of               certain products
● Relationship between sensor data and field               observation data
● …

Terms and Conditions

Initial consultation: free, up to 2 hrs.
Hourly rate: € 100-150 excl. 19 % VAT, depending     on the project volume, project content and                   customer’s query