Presentations and Training

Herbicide resistance clearly

Herbicide resistance not only poses problems for farmers, but also requires consultants and decision-makers to adapt to the constantly changing circumstances and always remain informed. However, time is tight and who keeps track of the (mostly English-language) professional literature?

For this reason, we offer customized lectures and trainings to help you get up to speed on the topic of herbicide resistance. It is not only a matter of providing theoretical foundations. We
rather want to show with illustrative examples of what herbicide resistance means in practice and what matters in resistance management.

Range of topics:

  • Fundamentals of resistance mechanisms and their effects on product selection

    Molecular biology explained in a comprehensible and practice-oriented way

  • Identification and analysis options for potentially resistant plants

    Not every weed nest is automatically resistant. So, what can you already detect in the field?

  • Resistance causes

    The selection of a product alone does not indicate the resistance risk. From the biology of weeds to product selection, we show you with examples of how resistant weeds can develop.

  • Identifying the risk - Not everyone is equally affected by herbicide resistance

    Learn what options there are for individual risk assessment and which will (hopefully) be available in the future.

  • Other countries - same problem?

    We show what the resistance situation looks like in other countries of the world and how farmers deal with it.