Resistance tests for farmers

Easy testing for herbicide resistances

Have you noticed an increased weed infestation on your agricultural areas? Are you unsure if this may be due to application circumstances or may be even caused by resistances? How much money have you spent on the herbicides on your field and still you are not totally satisfied? Are you concerned that your field may look the same way again next season? Then let us help you finding peace of mind now and order our resistance test.

We offer you – quick and easily – an overview of the current situation on your fields and additionally test the efficiency of other herbicides. A coffee mug full of ripe weed seeds is sufficient. After the completion of the analysis you’ll receive the analysis results along with the invoice in the mail (no upfront payment required), just in time for the next spring season.

A resistance test pays off at the second hectare


  • Test mit 6 Herbiziden


  • Test mit 8 Herbiziden


  • Test mit 9 Herbiziden Inklusive Bodenherbizid

Get your complete results in 3 steps

  • Collect a coffee mug full of ripe weed seeds

    Tip: The perfect time to collect the weed seeds has come once the plant starts to cast its first seeds. You can then easily strip off the seeds from the heads and pack them. Additional information regarding the testing can be found at the “Frequently Asked Question” section at the bottom of this page.


  • Sending in your oder form & weed seeds

    Send in your sample along with the order form by latest 31 August.

    The best way to do this is to order our resistance kit (using the contact form), consisting of a sample bag, order form and prepaid return box. Simply pack it and drop it off at the next post box. We’ll take care of the rest. Please use the contact form and we will gladly send you the desired amount of resistance kits.

  • Please give us some time for the analysis

    We grow plants in the greenhouse again using the seeds you sent us. Then we treat them with the herbicides of your choice. Both steps take some time. After completion of the tests, you will receive the complete result together with the invoice as a pdf just in time for spring season.


Sample result

Frequently asked questions

Which herbicides are available?

Depending on the weed and the used test system, you can choose from different leaf-active agents.

common redroot & ryegrass

Atlantis Flex, Axial 50, Agil-S, Select 240, Broadway

wind grass

Husar OD, Axial 50, Broadway, Agil-S, Select 240


Attribut, Atlantis Flex, Avoxa, Select 240, Maister Power

Will you grant a discount if multiple samples are sent in?

Yes, starting at 10 sent in samples per customer we offer a 10% discount. We offer a 15% discount starting at 20 samples.

Can I get tests for a variety of herbicides and application rates?

Yes, if you provide 30 or more samples, we’ll also offer custom testing. We’ll gladly provide you with a custom offer. Simply talk to us!

When and how do I need to collect the weed samples?

common redroot:

The perfect time has come once the plant starts to cast its first seeds. This normally happens 1-2 weeks before the regional barley harvest is supposed to begin. You can then easily strip off the seeds from the heads and pack them.


Normally ryegrass does not cast its seeds or if it does, it will happen quite late. However the seeds will be ripe around the same time the common amaranth seeds are ripe. This means about 1-2 weeks before the barley harvest. But it can also be collected just before the wheat harvest is about to begin. We recommend packing the whole brittle head in case you can’t strip off the seeds.

wind grass:

Wind grass takes longer to ripen than common redroot. You should wait until about 1-2 weeks before the wheat harvest to ensure that the seeds are fully ripened. Then simply strip off a big tuft from the plant and pack it.

Brome’s seed maturation depends on the brome type. Experience has shown that 1-2 weeks before the harvest is a good time here as well. Then strip off the seeds from the plant as well as possible.

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