Overall resistance analysis

Risk management for herbicide-resistant weeds can be a burdensome organizational problem for agricultural businesses with a lot of acreage. Therefore we offer an overall farm analysis with which the cultivation planning can be protected against undesirable consequences of resistance and financial failure.

Since we are a new company, we have the advantage that we can respond individually to the requirements of our customers. After the first contact, we can present you with a detailed proposal which allows you to get a clear idea of the current situation of your cultivated areas and keep your weed management under control in the long term without worrying about resistance.

As a farmer, you should try to identify problems with herbicide resistance at the earliest time possible. This allows you to take preventive measures and counteract crop losses at an early stage. Once a resistance problem has developed, it becomes permanent and cannot be reversed.

Do you want to protect yourself from the consequences of herbicide resistance? Let’s start testing!

Agris42 offers you the opportunity to secure your future. We regularly inform you about the situation in your fields so that you can take preventive measures if necessary to avoid major damage. We offer you to analyze the problems in the fields for you. We can then provide you with guidance to help you secure your future.

An overall analysis consists of:

  • Analysis of several / all cultivation areas

    Depending on the number and size of the cultivated areas, samples of all present weeds are collected in order to identify the current resistance situation using resistance tests. Die Auswahl erfolgt dabei nach Absprache mit dem Landwirt in einer Erstberatung vor Ort.

  • Resistance testing

    The resistance tests can include the following grasses as required: common redroot, wind grass, ryegrass, brome, millet and dicotyledonous species such as chamomile, chenopod, amaranth and others. Tests are carried out considering all common herbicides, mainly ACCase and ALS inhibitors (active ingredient group A + B).

  • Summary evaluation (initial report)

    After analyzing the first resistance tests, we can prepare a detailed report on the current situation on your farm. Based on the results of the first report, we can make suggestions to farmers on how to control the resistant weeds and grass weeds and identify crops and herbicides that still allow effective control of the problematic weeds we found.

  • Follow-up tests and checks.

    The intervals for follow-up examinations can be determined based on the results of the initial analysis. The intervals are based on both the degree of resistance of the acreage and the risk of crop loss.

We make problems visible!

Only a resistance test of your cultivated areas can provide peace of mind! Let’s test your cultivation areas!

What kind of information is offered in the initial and follow-up reports?

The most important information for farmers is the list of the weeds we found and the identification of the current resistance problems. This information can be used to identify the cultivated areas that have developed herbicide resistance to one or more weeds.

With the results of the resistance test it is possible to plan future crop rotations, to address resistance problems of the individual crops, and to include possible alternative crops in the crop rotation. One possible consequence may be the avoidance of certain herbicides or active ingredients in order to combat herbicide resistance. If necessary your report will include a list of alternative herbicides that are still effective.

Agris42 has a large anonymous database that enables us to evaluate cultivated areas from all over Germany with the help of artificial intelligence and to compare them with your farm-specific resistance situation. This gives you the opportunity to access anonymous reference data that you can use for your risk management.

Get an up-to-date picture of your resistance situation and let’s test your fields now!


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