Congratulations! You decided to have your cultivation areas tested for herbicide resistance. This is a very important step for your agricultural business.

We offer you the affordable option to independently send us your weed seeds or we can also take over this tasks for you as part of the risk management for agricultural businesses.

In case you want to send us your samples independently, please follow the following three steps precisely:

1. Collecting samples

For a test you should at least collect a coffee cup full of seeds. We recommend using a paper envelope or a sandwich paper bag to avoid mold growth.

Tip: The best time to harvest the weed seeds is when the plants start to cast their first seeds. Then simply strip off the seeds from the heads and pack them.

2. Sending in your order form & weed seeds

Send us your sample along with the order form by latest 31 August. Please state a billing address on your order form. The results and the invoice will be sent to the provided e-mail-address.

3. Please allow some time for the analysis

We grow plants in the greenhouse again using the seeds you sent us. Then we treat them with the herbicides of your choice. Both steps take some time. After completion of the tests, you will receive the complete result together with the invoice as a pdf just in time for spring season.

The resistance test is carried out with the most modern equipment, which guarantees an exact dosage. This is the only way to achieve precise and reproducible test results that also reflect the reality at the cultivated areas.

the finished report

The finished report in pdf-format offers you a clear overview of the resistance situation on your fields and allows you to successfully plan the season.

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