This year we again visited 1300 fields during our weed and resistance monitoring. Part of the monitoring is determining the resistance situation of different field weeds in Germany. Most of the agricultural areas were already part of the monitoring last year, so that we now have two-year data and can identify trends in infestation for various weeds depending on crop rotation and care measures.

Currently we are processing the final monitoring activities for corn. This year we rated all the species that we found in the fields for the first time. In addition, we have made an assessment of the infestation of the respective species in the agricultural areas. This means we recorded more than 8000 observations of more than 60 species this year. Additionally we also collected seed samples of ripe weeds whenever possible. This means we have about 2000 samples this year. A part of these samples will be tested for resistances within the upcoming months.

Additional information regarding our monitoring can be found here.

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