What dangers do you face without proper risk management?

Herbicide resistance is also a serious threat to your acreage. It can not only cost you revenue: The worst threat is the total loss in individual crops.

If a farmer detects an increased presence of weeds on his fields, the increased use of herbicides is only a short-term solution. In the long term, however, this approach is doomed to failure, because only an integrated, preventive concept with a wide range of agricultural measures can limit the development and spread of resistance. Hence it is important to act now and to get an overview of the resistance situation on your cultivated areas in order to take suitable measures.

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How does herbicide resistance develop?

The requirements in agriculture have increased continuously over the past decades. Ever higher yields by acre have to be achieved – and everything has to be in top quality.

The use of herbicides with the same modes of action has led to a selection of resistant weeds over the years while at the same time reducing agricultural control measures. Since more and more weeds such as redroot, wind grass, ryegrass or chamomile are increasingly showing resistance to important herbicides, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get the crop weed-free. Many farmers are familiar with this problem and it now affects all groups of herbicides used. The appearance of resistant weeds is a natural process. The resistant plants are then screened out by the herbicides.

How can a farmer protect himself?

The problem of herbicide resistance affects smaller farms as well as large farms with lots of acreage. The first signs are often overlooked and the problem is only recognized when the damage can no longer be averted and fixing it is associated with an enormous excess figure.

For this reason, it is important to plan ahead and get an overview of the status of the resistance situation now. Agris42 offers different options depending on the size of your acreage and budget.

The situation on the cultivated areas can only be accurately using a resistance test. This information can be used to develop strategies that can be implemented inexpensively to achieve the greatest effect possible. The earlier a resistance test is carried out, the cheaper and more effective measures can be implemented.

Why should I use the Agris42 resistance test?

A resistance test is advisable, even if you have not yet noticed any increased grass infestation on your cultivated areas. This enables you to react as soon as possible – and above all, you don’t have to worry about this problem in the future anymore!

If an increased weed infestation has already been detected, you can use a resistance test to plan the use of effective herbicides in order to achieve the greatest effect possible and keep costs within your currently set financial limitations.

In contrast to the generally known strategies, you can use the results from our resistance test to take targeted measures on your cultivated areas. This gives you the opportunity to achieve the greatest results with more cost-effective countermeasures.

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